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[Gift] Snowy Day Out - Anniversary Gift by LaydeeKaze
[Gift] Snowy Day Out - Anniversary Gift
Unofficially, today is the 3rd Anniversary of MrMeepington and myself getting together. <3
(The "technical" date is the 14th - when we made it public, but I'm going to be away so I won't be able to post it then)

Anyway, this gift art for my sweetie Zest is reminiscent of our first date. We spent the day in York whilst it was snowing, and went to see Puss In Boots in the cinema! xD
I remember it being really special because when we walked over the bridge in York we began holding hands. It just felt, right... and perfect.
I was really shy about it, but it was the first time in a long while that I'd felt loved and cared for.

Anyway, I won't bore you all with soppy rambling, instead I'll let the picture do the talking x3


Artwork © LaydeeKaze 2014
Zest © MrMeepington 
Ashi © LaydeeKaze 

// UPDATE - Broken PC D: //

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 10, 2014, 1:49 AM

Hai everyone.

Hope you're all having a lovely December thus far!

Mine has been... less than exciting the past couple of days unfortunately!

I've had my PC randomly drop dead a few times, first time it started acting up was in the middle of a game of TF2
with a bunch of friends, then it died a few more times when I was (thankfully) not doing much.

On Monday it did the same whilst I was looking at a few things with a friend, but it did NOT want to turn back on.
It miraculously let me turn it on yesterday morning, at which point I decided to quickly grab some SAI files onto a pen drive,
Not too long after she died once more, and whilst I was hoping she'd turn on today, it looks like the PSU is finally dead. :c

The good part is that I have a copy of the YCH files I need, and MrMeepington's PC to use as a back up.
Currently in the process of installing tablet drivers, and hopefully I still have a copy of SAI on one of my pen drives.

If all goes well, I should be able to continue with atleast the YCH pieces and get them all out to you before Christmas.

I apologize for the delay with everyone; I'm absolutely gutted because I had a lovely routine I was getting into and it's been thrown off so bad :c
Hopefully I can get a replacement PSU at the earliest, start of next week sometime.

I'm available on Skype via my tablet (when not borrowing the PC) if anyone DOES need to contact me. <3

Last Call on the Christmas Candy YCH !!!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 4, 2014, 4:30 AM
Just giving you guys a quick heads up that I will be closing for these TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT.
So, technically closing on the 5th, but you get what I mean ;D

Here's a link to my local time:…

If you're still interested, send me a note with the filled out form, which can be found in the submission information (click to view):
Pony YCH Auction - Christmas Candy! by LaydeeKaze

I'm intending to have these all done before Christmas - I'm already starting work on ones that have been submitted and paid for ^^
I've even gone as far as timetabling my weeks so I dedicate lots more time on art for you all <3

But anyway. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up!

Pony YCH Auction - Christmas Candy! by LaydeeKaze
Pony YCH Auction - Christmas Candy!


This is an Pony YCH auction with open slots! c:
(Depending on interest, I may limit the amount I take however!)

This is a flat priced piece! :3
Use the above site to work out how much that is in /YOUR/ currency!
Bear in mind Paypal will convert currencies for you c:

Payment via Paypal only!
I reserve the right to decline any offers.


Female/Male characters accepted!
Pony Characters only (for obvious reasons, haha)
The piece can be edited to fit Unicorn/Pegasi/Alicorns.
The piece will also be edited to fit in with the mane and tail style of your Character!
(The current one is just for the base display)

You get full choice of the following:

Diaper colour(s),
CandyCane/Ribbon colour(s),
As well as a choice of having the diaper wet/dry.
(Please note I will NOT draw 'messy' diapers (aka, poop and such).


The final image will be a fully coloured digital image!

Here is an example of the style/detail the piece will be finished in:
(so same as the last YCH pretty much, but the backgrounds will be christmas themed!)

If you're interested please NOTE me with the following form filled out:

Character ref:
Diaper colour(s):
Diaper Wet/Dry:
CandyCane colour(s):
Ribbon colour:

Backgrounds will be Christmas themed and made to suit the colours in the design.
If you're undecided on colours, I'm more than happy to choose for you c:
[Commission] Bed Crinkles by LaydeeKaze
[Commission] Bed Crinkles
This was a commission for :iconaddyshadows: & :iconjustinbaker23: having crinkly-padded-snuggles :3

Alternate version is available on my FurAffinity (lel DA ToS)

To clarify they're both Adults, just without cutiemarks x3

Characters © AddyShadows & JustinBaker23
Artwork © LaydeeKaze 2014

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